For investors who lack the time required to select, maintain, and regularly monitor an appropriate combination of investments, our advisors have access to professional portfolio management services that can help. Why try to invest alone when you could have a team of experienced professionals continually monitoring your investments?

Client Centered

M3 financial advisors have access to professional portfolio management options that align with your financial goals.

Our advisors will help you determine which portfolio is the right fit for your goals and risk tolerance, provide quarterly statements in addition to custodian statements detailing the performance of your investments and provide ongoing support.

As you progress toward your investment goals, your financial professional will be available to discuss your portfolio or answer any questions you may have.

Dynamic Money Management through Lincoln Investment

Client Centered

Our advisors have access to a dynamic investment approach to provide you with the ongoing attention that can mean the difference between achieving or falling short of your long-term goals. Whether you have five thousand or five million dollars to invest, Lincoln Investment offers professionally managed portfolios to investors, allowing you to live your life while advisors manage your money. Lincoln Investment utilizes a contemporary tool that harnesses progressive technology – and pairs it with the partnership of advice, catered specifically to a client's individual needs, tolerance for risk and long-term investment goals.

Lincoln Investment attempts to minimize emotional reactions to market changes by providing a dynamic investment methodology, which involves asset allocation and diversification based on expected future performance rather than solely on past performance. This strategy is employed to help lessen the effects of volatility – a risk inherent in most investments. Programs were designed to make professional asset allocation techniques, investment selection and ongoing investment management available to individual investors.

Legend Advisory's Investment Team employs artificial intelligence technology in the ongoing management of our portfolios. Our technology is used by the Investment Team to:

Lincoln Investment's Investment Team employs artificial intelligence technology in the ongoing management of portfolios. Technology is used by the Investment Team to:

  • Monitor domestic and international markets
  • Track economic trends
  • Compile data on global market activity and expectations
  • Evaluate risk and reward relationships
  • Review asset classes

The Investment Management Team monitors the portfolios on an ongoing basis and reallocates them as necessary. This provides clients with the opportunity to take advantage of the market's current potential for growth while helping to minimize exposure to asset classes that are expected to underperform. This process helps establish the appropriate mix of investments for specific portfolios, given the portfolios' objectives and tolerance for risk. 

Asset allocation or diversification do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.